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A Study on Fundamental and Technical Analysis of DMart and JKpaper

The stock market plays a huge role in the development of the economy, by the help of the public’s investment and this acts as a passive income for the public. But the problem faced by many of the investors is they don’t know to analyse and pick the best stocks from the market, most of them open the trading account and do the trading based on the tips given by the broker. Both fundamental analysis and technical analysis are used in this project; fundamental analysis focuses on the company's financial performance, while technical analysis focuses on the best times to join and exit the market. In fundamental analysis ratios like current ratio, debt to equity ratio, inventory ratio, price per earning ratio and return on capital employed are analysed and parameters like free cashflow, reserves and surplus and shareholding pattern. In technical analysis indicators like EMA, MACD, RSI, BB and FIBONNACI retracement are analysed. This analysis is done for two companies DMART and JKPAPER. Keywords - Fundamental Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Fibonacci Retracement, Parameters