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Passion In Relation to Psychological Well Being: A Study to Explore Mediation Role of Flow in Online Gamers

There are more than 300 million online gamers in India. Most adolescents and emerging adults are moving from outdoor sports and are becoming strongly inclined to online gaming, which can cause many psychological issues and even a gaming addiction. Passion is defined as a strong inclination towards the activity a person likes (or loves), that they find important, and in which they invest time and energy. This research thus aims to study the impact of harmonious and obsessive passion on the psychological well-being of online gamers when mediated by flow. It focuses on the relationship between harmonious passion and flow for online gaming and its relation with psychological well being. The results suggest that flow has a mediating effect on online gamers' harmonious passion and psychological well being with a p score of 0.007. There is a direct significant positive effect of harmoniously passionate online players’ psychological well being with a p score of 0.001. This study concluded that harmonious passion has a positive impact on psychological well being when mediated by flow, whereas obsessive passion does not impact psychological wellbeing when mediated by flow. Keywords - Harmonious Passion, Obsessive Passion, Online Gamers, Flow, Psychological Well Being, Positive Psychology,