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Impact of Death Awareness on Body Appreciation of Emerging Adults

A positive body image is important in developing self-confidence, which can influence how emerging individuals progress into adulthood. Increased social media usage, particularly engagement in appearance-related behaviors, might be a risk factor for body dissatisfaction. Existentialism views awareness of death as a basic human condition that gives significance to living. People who are aware of death are more likely to improve their physical health and prioritize growth-oriented goals which includes appreciating one's own body. This research studied the impact of death awareness on body appreciation of emerging adults using Multidimensional Mortality Awareness Measure (2014) and Body Appreciation Scale (2005). The findings of this study suggest that dimensions of mortality legacy, mortality fearfulness, mortality acceptance and mortality disempowerment have a negative significant impact on body appreciation (p=<.001). The dimension of mortality disengagement has a positive significant impact on body appreciation (p=<.001). This study concludes that awareness of death can impact how emerging adults appreciate their bodies. Keywords - Body Appreciation, Death Awareness, Social Media, Emerging Adults