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Body Appreciation and Relationship Conflict Among Social Media Users

• Background - One of the most widely used venues for communication and connection is social media. It is also a terrific way to connect, mingle, and meet new people. Social media also has a big impact on how people feel about their bodies. Social media platforms are an online communication tool that is steadily but inevitably becoming a staple of daily life and a popular strategy for preserving close relationships. Today’s generation seeks online closeness and has specific standards for the perfect couple. • Objective - To examine the relationship between body appreciation and relationship conflict among people who have high and low social media usage. To compare body appreciation and relationship conflict on high and low social media usage. • Methodology - A quantitative study was conducted to observe the relationship between social networking, body appreciation, and relationship conflict using three scales (the Romantic Conflict Scale, the Body Appreciation Scale, and the Social Network Sites Usage (SNS)). A total of 136 participants participated in the study. Convenient sampling method was used to select a population. The data was analysed using a t-test and correlation using the software Jamovi. • Result - The results indicate that body appreciation and relationship conflict have a positive relationship. there was no significant relationship between higher or lower social media usage and body appreciation. • Conclusion - The results imply that social media usage does impact relationship conflict. The higher the usage, the more conflict is seen among couples. There was no relationship between body appreciation and social media usage. Keywords - Relationship Conflict, Body Appreciation, Social Networking Sites