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A Correlational Study to Understand the Relation Between Gaming Addiction and Perception of Death Among Young Adults

The research aims to study and understand the relationship between gaming addiction and perception of death in real life. Addiction to gaming is a growing disorder especially among the young adults of today. With the expansion of games to online platforms and with ever advancing technological feats gained through rapid improvements in the field of electronics, online games have begun to adapt graphical achievements by bringing the virtual world as close as possible to reality. Hence when individuals get addicted to this pseudo-real world, they are bound to face some dissonance in finding and differentiating the meaning of a lot of real-life constructs. Jeong & Kim (2011) observed that young adults these days pick the virtual world rather than this present reality to fulfill their longing in gaming. The study is quantitative in nature in order to understand the correlational a relationship between addiction to virtual worlds of online games and how it affects their idea of death with the possibility of having the feeling of hopelessness as a moderating factor between the two. Random sampling methods will be used as the target-population is quite specific, so this method of sampling will improve the relevance and accuracy of the study. Keywords – Gaming Addiction, Perception of Death, young Adults, Quantitative, Correlational, Random Sampling.