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Facets of Gender Stereotypes in Determining Career Aspirations Among Adolescents

The present study focuses on the facets of gender stereotypes in determining career aspirations among adolescents. Young men and women frequently receive gender cues from peers, parents, media etc. that remind young women to be feminine and men to be masculine. Therefore it is possible that someone who has internalised their gender’s stereotypes would be more likely to conform to gender stereotypical roles. The participants were interviewed, the content will be analysed using thematic analysis (Braun & Clarke) in order to find overarching themes from the experiences of people within the Indian context. Significant statements made by interviewees will be clustered together to identify themes. The result of this study could tell us if the internalisation of gender stereotypes could act as a potential barrier to adolescents' career aspirations and their perception of what males and females can or cannot do in society. The analysis of the present study is still ongoing. Keywords - Gender Stereotypes, Career Aspirations, Adolescents