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Impression Cytology from the Tarsal Conjuctiva of the Human Eye

In current clinical practice, there is a lack of cell-based diagnostic tests for ocular diseases occurring in the tarsal conjunctiva. Although impression cytology exists for ocular surfaces, studies involving the palpebral conjunctiva are limited. In this study, we describe an impression cytology test from the tarsal conjunctiva. Thirty healthy volunteers with no ocular surface symptoms or signs of allergic conjunctivitis underwent impression cytology of the upper tarsal conjunctiva in the right eye after informed consent. The impression cytology filter paper was imprinted on a glass slide using three different techniques to transfer the cells from the paper to the slide. Various standardization steps were evaluatedto determine the best method to acquire and stain the cells. Modified Wright Giemsa stain was used to describe the cellular profile of the conjunctival epithelial cells. The polyethersulfone membrane had the better acquisition of cells and did not dissolved when treated with methanol. Good yield was achieved. Hereby we have described a novel method for acquiring, transferring and staining impressions from the tarsal conjunctiva that has immense translational benefit. Keywords - Impression Cytology, Tarsal Conjuntiva