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Evaluation of Antimicrobial Properties of Green Synthesized Copper Nanoparticle

Synthesis of metallic nanoparticles such as gold, copper and silver have numerous applications in the field of bio-technology and nanomedicine. Copper nanoparticles (CuNPs) have a unique properties like anti-microbial properties. Copper nanoparticles synthesized by using Hippophae rhamnoides L. stem. Stem extracts were used as reducing and stabilizing agent as it shows several bioactivities Characterization techniques such as FTIR, Ultraviolet-Visible spectroscopy, SEM, XRD and other is important to confirm the biosynthesis of NPs beforeuse. Antimicrobial properties of Green synthesized NP are also evaluated. The anti-microbial activities of Hippophae rhamnoides L. stem-CuNPs were analyzed by using growth zone inhibition methods against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria strains and P. chrysogenum and C. albicansfungal strains. The results indicated that Plant-CuNPs had the maximum antifungal activity against P. chrysogenum with 12mm zone of inhibition and antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus (11 mm) at 80┬Ál of concentration. These outcomes show that such Copper NPs made with Hippophae rhamnoides L. stem extracts having significant anti-bacterial properties and could be used as possible medications to prevent diseases. Keywords - Copper nanoparticles (CuNPs), Hippophae rhamnoides L., Seabuckthorn, Antimicrobial.