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Nutrition Education Program on Dietary Eating Patterns of Adolescent Girls (13-16 Years

Nutritional problem in adolescent age is common throughout India. Occurrence of nutritional problems like anaemia, potein enegy malnutrition (PEM), ricket may develop due to lack of knowledge and awarenss. Poor knowledge on nutrition among adolescent can lead to unhealthy eating practices and an unhealthy community. The purpose of this study was to conduct Nutrition Education Program(NEP)among adolescent girls, and to assess their dietary intakes. 300 adolescent girls were selected through purposive random sampling. Nutrition education was imparting through audio-visual aids for three months in college setting. Before and after imparting nutrition education, the changes in eating patterns were evaluated by questionnaire method. The study showed that dietary intakes for energy and fats wee more than adequacy, while protein and iron consumption was according to comparison with RDA. A significant improvement in their nutritional knowledge was observed after giving Nutritional Education Programme. Keyword - Adolescent Girls, Dietary Patterns, Nutrition Education Program.