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Evaluating the Pre and Post-Merger Impact on Financial Performance of Canara Bank

The banking sector is essential for national and economic development. The adaptability of a nation's financial system is a reliable measure of its economic development. A firm can be re organised through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) while improving its competitiveness and shareholder value. In the belief that cost savings, increased market power, profit volatility, and economies of scale and space may offer unparalleled benefits, the banking industry has undergone unprecedented consolidation. This study aims to comprehend and analyse Canara Bank's financial performance before and after the merger. The information was obtained from annual reports using secondary sources. To analyse the financial performance, ratio analysis, percentage changes, and paired T-tests were employed. Canara Bank's investigation led to the conclusion that there is a considerable positive Keywords - Mergers, Acquisition, Banking Sectors, Financial Performance and Ratio Analysis