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Impact of Covid 19 on The Financial Risk Tolerance of Retail Investors in West Bengal

The Covid 19 Pandemic has affected not only the stock market globally, but has also made an impact on the Indian Stock market. The Retail Investors’ purchasing power has gone down globally due to i) Loss of Jobs ii) Lower family Income iii) Death in families iv) Inability to move out in search of better opportunities v) Closed borders. The demographic profile of the investors in West Bengal has also changed basis the above reason in accordance to FRT. As the equity valuations grew more expensive, hence more priority was given to asset class. We have used regression analysis to show that in West Bengal, Male and Older Investors with income level between INR 70000-1,20,000 have comparatively increased their trading activities during the lock down from March 2020 – December 2020 than the female investors. Average weekly Trading Intensity (AWTI) has increased by almost 9% during this time. Keywords - Retail Investors, Covid 19 Pandemic, Financial Risk Tolerance, Demographic Profile