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Abstract - A nonlinear load is an electrical load that does not draw a sinusoidal current waveform when connected to an alternating current (AC) power supply. In other words, the current waveform is not proportional to the voltage waveform. Instead, the current waveform may contain harmonics (integer multiples of the fundamental frequency) and may be distorted from the voltage waveform. Nonlinear loads can cause problems in electrical systems, including increased losses and reduced efficiency, overheating of equipment, and interference with other electrical equipment. Therefore, it is important to design and operate electrical systems with nonlinear loads carefully to minimize these effects. This may involve using power conditioning equipment such as filters or voltage regulators to reduce distortion and maintain stable voltage and current waveforms. The advances in power electronics devices have triggered a massive rise in consumer electronic equipment’s which are contributing to the nonlinear load. Hence, it is essential to know the level of harmonics that such nonlinear loads are producing. This paper describes brief review of the impact of nonlinear loads on power quality in terms of harmonics. The real case harmonics generated by various loads like LED lamps, CFL lamps, rectifier load, computer etc. is also discussed. Keywords - Nonlinear Load, Power Quality, Harmonics, Switching Devices.